A very few people become fortunate, who visit the Golden Temple and observe the positive energy of the temple.
Everyday thousands of people visit here but they experience just only visual beauty of the temple. But those people who can make their mind calm, relax their body, definitely they will experience most beautiful
Aura of the golden temple.

Its mean, Is it difficult to feel the Aura?
No, absolutely not, because it is so easy like taking the breath,then why it seems so hard for us?

Actually in our life we are running, chasing and dreaming man made assets like, a big luxury home, expensive branded
car or stardom so we are habitual of running. We don’t have rest in our mind and in our body. Same kind of burden we are carrying in our mind, into the Golden Temple. So we are just watching but we are not feeling, experiencing, observing. We are so busy to make memories with the help of clicking photos of the golden temple, so that we can show to the our friends,neighbors and relatives, “look” where I have been!!

Actually we have interest to collect the memories for the future instead of enjoying present moments. If you really
make your visit to the golden temple, memorable then you will have to go further beyond the camera, cross the line of
watching. You will have to be part of the golden temple.

How can you be part of the temple?

Just sit somewhere, talk with local people, do some voluntary services, try to do little meditation, read the holy scripture of the Sikhism. Please try to come out from the track of time limitation, please stop solving the questions of your tangle.Just breathe with The Golden temple.

If you don’t have such kind of nature to talk with people or you have barrier of language or physically disability and your mind is full with anxiety. Mean to say, you can’t walk with my given suggestions then, on other hand, there is very simple way to get the blessing of the god.

What is that?

“Listening” The Gurbani Kirtan. It is hymn songs of Sikhism which are blossoming in main
shrine of the golden temple and its explaining the teachings of the Sikh masters with help of the music. Because people forgets the stories, lectures but through the music you can convey the massage generation to generation.

Even you may not understand the language of Gurbani Kirtan.

But Gurbani kirtan will make you feel spirituality and bliss in your core of heart, because voice of the singer and feel of the words and sounds of the authentic instruments make waves of spiritual energy and it will take you in the world of spirituality like fragrance spread out from flower.

Just sit somewhere in the temple, to be calm, to be peaceful,just try to listen and slowly-slowly

You will be witness of your peace and Aura of the Golden Temple. By Vivamos India