If you have interest to visit a village in India then Punjab is the face of India, for its village life. Because punjab state is agricultural land of India. It is known as bread basket of India. Even first green revolution of India , for farming, it was started in Punjab in 1963. Punjab doesn’t need any type of introduction for its rich Basmati rice, wheat grain and cotton, which we export to all over the world. Behind its prosperity and gold fields(wheat grains), hardworking farmers are standing for their dedication and simple living. It would be amazing opportunity to visit Punjab village, to see simple living style and agricultural activities, peaceful environment. I assure, you will forget the chaos of city life, when you will see the faces of innocent villagers and peaceful slow moving life. Definitely you will wish to stay here forever.

Social integration of villagers

Healty life of Punjabi peopel

Youngsters always happy to care of their parents and grandparents villagers live in joint family. it is very cooperative way to get over hardness of life. Even the neighbors are very helpful, and always stand for each other for their Sarrow and happiness. All villagers take the responsibility on wedding and funeral arrangements. It is best example of social cooperation, which is still exist in Punjab.

Healthy lifestyle of villagers

Healthy lifestyle villagers Vivamos India

The lifestyle of villagers inspire us, how to live life healthfully and stress-less. They always wake up early in morning. Men go to farming and women start their household works .There are lot of activities, that we can do 1) you can get the experience of village home stay by visiting local family, you can see, how the villagers give the warm welcome to their guests, like its saying In India ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’, means welcome to guest like welcome to the God. On arrival of you in village, Each member of the family will have wonderful smiles on the faces, and having the glass of Lassi ( butter milk) in their hands, basically Lassi is the welcome drink in our Punjab for the guests. You will be very glad to feel the family environment, suddenly you will feel you aren’t stranger anymore. All the men and women surrounds you for asking your good health and to tell you about themselves

2) if you are a man then family man will invite you go out and see their big fields if you are a lady then family women will invite you to help in the kitchen, to cook the food. In our Punjab we use fresh vegetables, fresh ingredients and Desi Ghee (Clarified butter), and this the secret of good health of Punjabi people. You will enjoy to wash the vegetables with water and chop by your hand and to cook it by yourselves. It’s saying in India, watching is not experience, be the part of life, drift with present moments.

3)As I told if you are a man then you will have a time for fun too, if you are found of driving then you must try driving skills on big large tractors, it is going to be totally different experience of your life. In the afternoon you can make a get together with some old fellows under the banyan tree which would be in the middle of the village ( called Sant). Even you can say this, THE NEWS CHANNEL of the village, because under the banyan tree people share their neighborhood current news with each other. You can enjoy playing cards and other local games with the kids and the youngsters like Kabaddi (local wrestling), Gulli Danda( local hockey) and many more. After having the hot lunch with the family you will think, it is hard to leave the people and say goodbye. You will remember always waving hands of the villagers with their smiling eyes.