Wagha border

There are hundreds of borders between the different countries in all over the worlds, but experience of wagha border in India is amazing.

Wagha Border BSF

Main gate of wagha border

Wagha border is the border between India and Pakistan in Amritsar city of Punjab state. Actually “Wagha” is the name of village which is in Pakistan side, but our Indian people call it Wagha border. Even, our BSF (Border security force) changed the name of the border into Attari border, because Attari is also name of the village which is in Amritsar towards the Pakistan. At this border, the army solider perform retreat ceremony at evening time and also in morning time. But people are not allow to see this ceremony in the morning time, Because in the morning time after the ceremony, BSF opens gates for immigration and trade. Army get busy to organize the work of immigrants and checking of the export and import material. So that’s why BSF allow to people only in evening time to watch this ceremony. When you reach at stadium, soldiers will play the patriotic music and people will dance on music and they will run with flag here to there, there to here. Same kind of fun Pakistan people will have in Pakistan stadium. So after this dancing and music.
There would be a army man and he will come with mic. He will shout loudly Hindustan and thousands of people, who are sitting in stadium will follow him, by saying Zindabaad.

What is meaning of Hindustan ?

Actually Hindustan is another name of India. Hindu, it is name of community of our Indian people. Than means the place of the Hindu people. It is called Hindustan but it’s not mean India is only for Hindu people. Actually We have more Muslim in India than Pakistan. We have Sikh Christians, Jain, Buddhist etc. So India is place for everybody. After this shouting, yelling, just 30 minutes before the sun set, Soldiers of India and Pakistan will open the no mans land entrance gate and they will perform march and parade in-front of each other. And then, they will lower the flags of India and Pakistan, it is called Wagha border ceremony. To reach at Wagha border, first you need to come in Amritsar city, which is situated in Punjab state , northwest side of India. It is approx. Five hundred kilometers far from Delhi. We do have transportation by luxury train and we also have International Airport with domestic and international flights.
It is very easy to come by surface road because of smooth six lane highway. In neighborhood of Amritsar we have mountain state Himachal Pradesh which comes just after 100 km. In Amritsar. we have world famous Golden temple, people enjoy the visit the golden temple in the morning time and evening they visit Wagha border which is 30 km far from city


Instruction of Wagha border

There is not any entrance ticket of the Wagha border, it is totally free of cost.
1. If you are foreigner then suppose to carry your passport with you. So that you can sit in VIP gallery.
2. Any kind of Handbags, camera bag, backpack, extra battery of camera, mobile power bank are not allowed,but camera, iPad, tablet, mobile phone are allowed to take picture.
3. Cigarette, Tambaco, Alcohol, Beer and flammable items are not allowed.
We assure you, you will do mouth ads to your friends about Wagha border ceremony, after getting memorable visit of Wagha border.