Dear friends, We are trying to teach you How to watch Golden Temple. When you visit first time. Now days we live in the cities. Under sky scrapers .What are the things surround us , Buildings, Mobiles, Towers, Advertisement hoardings because of these things , We lost our clarity of  watching, because we can’t see far , we can’t see more than 100-200 meters far, because always something will come in front of us.

There is only one place where we can see so far but we don’t have time to see that place and what is that “SKY”. In place of watching up side, we always look down, and why is it so, because of mobile. We are always busy on Facebook, Whatsapp or on our status.

We should watch so far so that we can improve our clarity of watching but instead of that, we watch only one foot far from ourselves, “only on mobile”. Because of all these, manipulation of our eyes, day by day, not even we are losing our efficiency of watching but also our taste of watching


Taste of watching gives you moments, in that you can watch this world more joyfully, more passionately and more lively .Actually we human being watch the world dull, dizzy, why, because we never felt awareness of pure watching. We are so busy to run behind our targets, ambitions. But we forgot about our body, specially our eyes , so we should give some rest , care , affection to this tool( Body) so that we can use this for long time and enjoyably. I am going to share you a good technique, with the help of this you can make your life more beautiful just you need to change your way of watching .if you are in most beautiful place in The Golden Temple Amritsar. I am going to tell you a way ,how to see The Golden Temple to observe and feel its own beauty and this technique, you can carry on your life to see the world in a different way.

How to watch “ THE GOLDEN TEMPLE “ Amritsar ?

How to watch golden temple

When you visit The Golden Temple in the night, first watch the temple 3-4 seconds after that take a deep breath and slowly – slowly watch in the dark sky , try to watch far and far into the intense dark , then release your breath and again take deep breath and slowly -slowly start watch The Golden Temple again. This time of watching to the temple would be different , more colorful, more closer to you like 3D object .
I think it is the right way to admire the beauty of The Golden Temple by your bottom of heart.
This is the same you can do in each day of your life and day by day you will gain the taste of
watching then you will start living life in right sense and then you will not have your question that is