Duration of the Tour: 5 to 6 Hours Distance: 20 KM one side

This tour offers the opportunity to feel the authentic life style of Punjab by visiting the village and interact with the local villagers and get to know about their life style and culture. There are a lot to do and a lot to understand in village of Punjab. There is proper activity itinerary to enjoy the village trip like, Tractor ride, Local games, School visit, cooking classes, Turban making, Heena designs. It can be wonderful experience to have lunch with local villagers and to taste authentic food of Punjab. Punjab is well known for its tasty and delicious food specially for Sarso ka saag ( mustered leaves vegtable & corn chapati), Alloo wala Kulcha( Tandori naan with stuffed patatos and spcies).

The main attractions of village tour in punjab as below :

TRADDITIONAL WELCOME :-  On arrival at the village traditional welcome by the local family with garland  and authentic Punjabi drink LASSI ( Butter milk).

TEA & PAKORAS (VEG. FLITERS):- As per culture of the Punjab whenever guests arrives at the home they offer them Masala tea with homemade pakoras and you can help them in preparation.

TURBAN TYING & HEENA:-  The Turban is the part of the Sikh culture and tradition of the Punjab State. It’s a sign of Proud, Grace, Royalty and Uniqueness. The male guest can experience turban tying and female guest can experience Heena applications on their hands.

TRACTOR RIDE OR TANGA RIDE:-  You can experience tractor ride through the street of the village towards the farms and get the experience of  farmers activities in the field where they do their daily routine work.

LOCAL GAMES:-  You can experience the  rural games of Punjab that reminds you about your childhood memories like playing Kancha (Marbles), Guli danda, Kite flying, Kabaddi etc.

LOCAL SCHOOL VISIT:- Visiting a local school gives you a very unique experience of Indian education system and make you feel happy after interact with small children.

LUNCH WITH LOCAL FAMILY:-  After enjoying all these activities around the village we will come to the local host family, where you can have a very tasty and authentic Punjabi lunch that includes seasonal vegetables, Dal Makhani, Raita, Rice, Chapti and local sweet dish( kheer or Halwa).



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